K22The ultimate test of strength!

From the beginning at Hellner Stadium, to the mountain peaks of Dundret’s summit, through the various peaks of Dundret, back down to the finish line in Hellner Stadium. 22 kilometers in total, 700 meters vertically, with a course made up of trails, paths and asphalt roads.

DXR K22 Information
Hellner Stadium, August 26th 2016.
Start: 10am
Distance: 22 km
Registration fee: 300 kr
Register at www.sporteventgellivare.com before the 24th of August. You can also register on race day at the site for 400 kr.

Course Information
Distance: 22 km
Altitude Total: 700 meters
Surface: trail (17 km) and asphalt (5 km)
Highest Point: Åke summit (823 meters above sea level)
Lowest Point: 400 meters after the starting line (410 meters above sea level)
The course is generally dry, but in the event of rain there can be slippery conditions on the rocks, as well as mud. Some shorter sections have wooden boardwalks, which can be tricky, especially if it’s been raining. Once you’re on top of Dundret, the course is clearly marked and easy to follow. However, the trail is quite rocky and you could easily slip if you’re not careful. Sparbanken Nord is giving a special prize to the first three runners to make it to Pelikansvängen, about 3.5 km in.

Course Layout

Hellner Stadium – ski bridge over Dundret road – follow the path up to the ski slopes, then on to the road at Snöbistron – run past the foot of Störtloppsbacken and up towards Pelikansvängen – follow the wheel tracks towards the peak of Pelikansvängen and up to the gravel road (Sparbanken prize) – follow Femmanvägen down to the junction with the western peak trail – follow the trail in the direction of Björnfällan – at the junction with paths to the cabins and the top of Åke, follow the “Åke på toppenleden” path – follow the path and cross Femmanvägen – round the cabin at the top of Åke, and follow the trail to the western peaks – below the western peaks, follow the path down to Femmanvägen – follow Femmanvägen down to the old illuminated tail – follow the illuminated trail past the jump hill and Himlatorget – run through the viaduct and back into Hellner Stadium.

Height Profile

Pelikansvängen: 2.1 km, altitude +310 meters (+15% incline)
From Femmanvägen to the top of Åke: 1.2 km, altitude +120 meters (+10% incline)
Femmanvägen down to the illuminated track: 2.1 km, altitude -22 meters (-10% decline)

More Information

Robert Johansson, Gällivare Endurance
+46 (0)73-801 69 08

Stefan Nieminen, SportEvent Gällivare Lapland AB
+46 (0)70-389 53 17

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